Jestermon`s Panda3D Doodles

Welcome to Panda3D doodles.
These doodles are programs, tests and applications that I have developed using the Panda3D game engine.
Panda3D provides an "out of the box" rapid development library, which provides almost everything that a Python 3D games developer needs to get things up and running fast.

Test Doodles
A collection of test doodles for a 3D space game. They explore Model management, Autpilot, and many other interesting concepts
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This archive consists of 5 test programs with their models included.  They include among other things:
* Create a generic game class template
* Using setTag to hold model specific Metadata
* Using LineNodePath to trace model motion
* Using quaternions to steer models
* Adding Debug to dump trace data onscreen
* Auto-guidance for a spaceship

#Kitty... A simple Panda3D framework
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This sample program drops a ball, that bounces on a small terrain, using Panda3D ODE physics collision. You can rotate the camera up/down/left/right by moving the mouse. You can zoom in and out with the mouse wheel. Nothing exciting to watch, but a lot of fun to code.